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by Other People

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5 song EP out now on Head2Wall Records


released October 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Other People Columbus, Ohio

Chris Kestner, Scott Brown, Corey Sabo

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Track Name: Midmorning
We woke up in the midmorning
Called the day a gift and eased into its stream of light
Clear-headed and warm, we made our way down
Through curves and lines etched in skylines of the cityscape
But with tar covering our eyes we couldn’t make it home

Stayed out ‘til the early light
Found a sterile mood and blamed it on an oversight
Got out in the nick of time
Only to find ourselves right back where we started from
But with tar covering our eyes we couldn’t make it home
Track Name: Can't Be Forced
My whole life, waffling between dreams
Up all night, waiting for relief
But it never comes when you’re looking for it
So move along and wait

Your soft needs, secrets just between friends
But “Big Mouth” always strikes again
And it always comes when you’re not ready for it
So move along and wait for the first hit, wait for it

I don’t want to find out that there’s a secret behind the door
That leads a path to everything worth having
I’ve got no time for cheap thrills, it always takes one more
Everything worth having can’t be forced

That quick glance bursting into your heart
A sweet gaze tears your world apart
It never works if you smother the source
So take it slow and stay the course

You could have had it but you didn’t want to wait
You could have had it, but it’s too late
Track Name: Never Learn
What if every choice you ever made was, in the end, just a compromise?
Where you always make the same mistakes every time
Where you never quite reach the end, fall apart somewhere in between
A good idea and a starting place, never doing what you mean

Did you miss your chance?
You’ll never know
Did you push too hard or pull too slow?
You came up hard around the curve
Still I know you won’t ever learn

What if every breath you ever took was just one closer to the finish line?
Would you hold your breath or take it deep and cut the line?
And take your place at the sudden edge, no looking back as you pass them by
But I saw you pause and hesitate, only to fall behind

Doomed to repeat the same mistakes that you repeat
Track Name: Time Has a Way
Time has a way of ending anger
But I don’t ever want to feel like
My memories aren’t what they once were
Joking has a way of showing the truth
But words can lie
Like how what you said wasn’t what you meant
But how every word showed your intent

Silence has a way of killing meek hearts
I try to be stoic but everyone around
Just laughs out loud
Loudness has a way of covering meek hearts
By tarps of disgust
You know that what I’m saying holds the key
But it’s not quite what I mean

Don’t be afraid tonight
Because I’ve never won a fair fight
If you just frown and turn away
Then I’ll fold in no time
Track Name: Prove It
We’re all just waiting to be found out
That these curated dreams aren’t what we’re all about
Just sheep wearing a finer sheep’s clothes, in fear of being alone

You keep moving straight
To prove that your path was right
But who are you trying to prove it to if not to yourself?

All the self-doubt makes you nervous
That you’re headed to an end so disastrous
Falling into the arms of fear, self-imposed

You keep moving straight
You keep moving straight